20th July Peace & Freedom Day Celebrations

The Turkish Stars (Turk Yildizlari)

In North Cyprus and looking for a wonderful atmosphere with exhilaration and adrenaline thrown in? Then look no further this July 20th!

For those who are not familiar with this day, on the 20th July 1974, after consultation with Britain, Turkey intervened with a Peacekeeping Action to protect the Turkish Cypriot community, which was in exercise of the powers of guarantee agreed in the Treaty of Zurich. The Island has remained divided ever since and the 20th July has always been celebrated by the Turkish Cypriots and expats residing in TRNC.

Celebrations and Remembrance begin on the eve on the 19th July and the Dawn Vigil takes place on Escape Beach. The evening starts with concerts and folk dancing, then at midnight starts a poignant torch light procession down to the beach and a vigil until 4am when the first soldiers landed in 1974. An amazingly emotional and joyous experience, this event gathers together people of all ages; chilling out, singin